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Want to Increase Your Immune System? Increase Your Vitamin D Intake…TODAY!

Posted August, 2013 in Uncategorized

The immune system benefits of vitamin D and its derivatives have long been studied, and more and more research is presented every year on how vital Vitamin D is in supporting overall health. Along with massive benefits for your immune system, Vitamin D is very important for your teeth, bones, brain, and arteries.

There are 5 forms of Vitamin D (D1-D5) and the latest research has proven that Vitamin D3 is the most beneficial form of Vitamin D. For instance, Vitamin D3, also known as cholecalciferol, has been discovered to be extremely effective against the growth of cancer cells. This remarkable discovery was a joint endeavor between researchers at VHIO (Vall d’Hebron Institute of Oncology) and CSIC-UAB (Albert Sols Institute of Biomedical Research). Apparently, they discovered that one of this vitamin’s receptors was capable of slowing down the production of colon cancer cells.

How? During their research, they discovered that a vital protein in the carcinogenic process of this type of cancer could be slowed down if it came in contact with this vitamin.

Known as beta-catenin, this protein is typically found in intestinal epithelial cells, where it promotes growth during the transformation of the tumor. In other words, the tumor will eventually become malignant if the protein is allowed to build up in the cancer cells.

This is where vitamin D comes to the rescue. If your diet contains an abundance of vitamin D, your potential tumor will have fewer chances of turning malignant. How? Vitamin D actually prevents the protein from stimulating cell growth by stunting the chain of events that can result in the formation of tumors!

The research was done on both mice and human colon cancer cells in which the former were administered vitamin D in different stages of colon cancer.

It was discovered that the mice that were not given VDR, or vitamin D receptors, produced larger tumors as compared to those with VDR. In the researcher’s words, it was discovered that this vitamin did not necessarily “cure” cancer, rather it interrupted the process necessary for the growth of tumors.

Similar results were observed in testing the vitamin on human colon cancer cells. In fact, scientists also discovered that in the absence of VDR, two-thirds of aggressive colon cancer tumors produced high concentrations of beta-catenin. These discoveries tell us that vitamin D is highly effective in nipping all kinds of cancers in the bud!

If you live in a cold climate, chances are that you are vitamin D deficient, and you are a prime candidate for contracting cancer. Why? You are not getting enough sunlight! Yes, your body can produce Vitamin D from sunlight which is the best way to obtain it. Get out in the sun and enrich your diet with this vital vitamin before the VDR in your system runs out completely! Get the two Vitamin D blood tests done, 25-OHD (active form) and 125-OHD (storage form) and supplement with Vitamin D3 if needed. I have found ALL of the chronic condition patients that I have worked with in the past are low in Vitamin D. I like to see the “optimal” Vitamin D level around the high-end of normal which is 80-100 ng/ml. I am constantly amazed at how I see many a chronic condition patient’s Vitamin D levels at 10-25. These patients are living a slow death!

The key is to never forget that your body can produce Vitamin D naturally if your cholesterol levels are normal and your liver, kidneys, and gut are all functioning normally.
Yes, it’s true! Cholesterol is actually good for you! When sunlight comes into contact with your skin, it actually converts cholesterol into Vitamin D.

Our bodies are starved of this key vitamin due to an image-conscious society that has deliberately blinded itself to its own health requirements. In other words, many of us are depriving ourselves of vitamins that can actually make us healthier and prevent cancer from taking hold of our bodies. I can’t stress it enough, if you have any chronic health condition, your vitamin D level should be up around 80-100 ng/ml. However, taking just any vitamin D will not help! There are many Vitamin D supplements that are synthetic meaning that they are solvent-extracted from sheep’s wool. How will you know which ones benefit you? Easy: you want a natural, live-source Vitamin D supplement – this is why I only recommend D3 from Premier Research Labs (PRL) and it is available at I take it myself as does everyone in my family.

Some of the latest research on Vitamin D and thyroid disorders comes from the paper published January, 10, 2013 in the journal Thyroid Research and Practice. The article was titled, Vitamin D and Thyroid: Autoimmunity and Cancer from Drs. D. Dutta and S. Ghosh.

The paper stated, “Low levels of 25(OH)D along with elevated levels of 1,25(OH)2D has been documented in several autoimmune disorders. It has been suggested that VDR dysregulation resulting from infections or disease results in decreased CYP24 activity resulting in increased 1,25(OH)2D levels which in turn result in decreased 25(OH)D levels as a result of the physiologic negative feedback.” and… “Lower serum 1,25(OH)2D but not 25(OH)D has been documented in patients with thyroid cancer as compared with normal individuals.” Again, this is the latest research!

Keep in mind that sedentary lifestyle will not help you! If you haven’t seen the sun in years, it’s time to get off that couch and head outside. I am amazed at how many chronic condition patients have not seen the sun in years, so much so that they look like a ghost.

You need to bask in those rays for at least a half an hour each day to get a decent amount of vitamin D for your body. This way, instead of popping pills, you can absorb all the vitamin D you need naturally.

It is extremely unfortunate that M.D.s have created this panic in the public’s perception that if they are out in the sun for 10 seconds, they will contract skin cancer. In my opinion, you will NOT get skin cancer if you expose yourself to 20-30 minutes of daily sunlight without sunscreen. Why don’t you want to use sunscreen? Because it contains a massive amount of chemicals and your skin is the largest organ of the body! Plus, all those sunscreens you use liberally over every inch of your body may protect your skin from ‘harmful’ UV rays, but those chemicals inside the sunscreen can cause your cells to go haywire. If you insist on using a sunscreen, please go to a natural health food store and purchase natural sunscreen! The natural sunscreen that I like best is from a company called Alba Botanica. Trust me folks, you will probably die of other types of cancer if you stay indoors and don’t allow your body to make its own Vitamin D!
Vitamin D is a fat and in order for your body to absorb Vitamin D, you need bile. Bile is produced in the liver and stored in the gall bladder so you need to have your gall bladder working at 100%, please see my explanation of the function of the gall bladder later in this book.

Finally, please remember to take only LIVE-SOURCE, NATURAL Vitamin D! Avoid the synthetic source Vitamin D that is solvent-extracted from sheep’s wool! Keep as many chemicals out of your body as possible.

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