Hypothyroidism Natural Treatment

Symptoms of Hypothyroidism (slow or low thyroid)

  • Do you feel fatigued, tired, or sluggish?
  • Do you have cold feet and/or hands?
  • Do you require excessive amounts of sleep to function?
  • Do you gain weight easily or have difficulty losing weight?
  • Do you have difficult or infrequent bowel movements (constipation)?
  • Are you depressed?
  • Do you lack motivation?
  • Do you suffer from morning headaches that wear off as the day progresses?
  • Do you suffer from thinning hair or excessive hair falling out?
  • Do you suffer from dryness of the skin and/or scalp?
  • Do you suffer from mental sluggishness?

Hypothyroidism is a condition in which the body lacks sufficient thyroid hormones. Since the main purpose of thyroid hormones is to “run the body’s metabolism,” it is logical that people with this condition will have symptoms associated with a slow metabolism.

Millions of Americans have this more common medical condition…and it often goes undetected in the early stages. Were you told that your results were “normal” and yet you continue to have symptoms? Perhaps you thought your symptoms were related to stress or depression. Sometimes a person can have hypothyroidism for years before it is diagnosed.

Hypothyroidism can affect anyone, even children, but it is much more prevalent in women than men. It is estimated that 10% of women have some degree of hypothyroidism. Women over 60 are at higher risk and you have a greater chance of having this disease if it runs in your family.

The symptoms can be very subtle and occur slowly, so you might think they are just symptoms of the aging process.

The problem that I see with patients suffering from hypothyroidism is that they have not been thoroughly tested!

The doctors that belong to the National Thyroid Institute promise you that NO STONE IS LEFT UNTURNED TO DETERMINE THE EXACT CAUSE OF YOUR THYROID CONDITION!