About NTI

The National Thyroid Institute’s mission is:

To develop and execute programs dedicated to improving the quality of life for people suffering from chronic thyroid conditions.

NTI History

Founded in 2011 in Appleton, Wisconsin by Dr. Michael L. Johnson and the doctors associated with his treatment modalities via The Johnson Method, working to support people suffering with chronic thyroid conditions and other chronic thyroid related illnesses.

It all began when Dr. Johnson became concerned that many people suffering from chronic thyroid conditions were not receiving the medical attention and support that they desperately needed.  He concluded that there was very little reliable information about this misunderstood and debilitating condition—and that patients and health care providers needed to unite to ensure helpful information was easily accessible to those with this chronic disorder .  From the beginning, the NTI’s philosophy was to help empower patients and to provide them with a new level of hope for the future.